I'm gats, this is my tumblr for a whole bunch of stuff, some of which can be NSFW! You've been warned! The tagging system is the worst, I should fix that eventually.
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midnightstep asked: Hey man u maybe forgotten me but I JSUT WANTED TO SAY WELCOME BACK ON MY NEWSFEED! Its been like forever seeing your icon on my newsfeed on tumby! ^_^

Aw man, now I guess I have to stay. It’s cool to be back!

I should draw more things!

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inking is mad gay though

more like mad gats amirite
wink wink


inking is mad gay though

more like mad gats amirite

wink wink

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Anonymous asked: So you didn't make Towergirls? That's a pity cause I kind of want to see more of the artists work. Or at least guilt them into drawing more.

It is probably a bad idea to tell the artist that you plan on guilting them into drawing. Either way, there are no towergirls here.

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Anonymous asked: so i am a bit embarrassed to ask but do you do requests? Cause if you do I would love to see you draw some like moth girls or something buggy like that

I don’t! Not at the moment, at least. I’ve been in a rut with my art, but it’s one of those cases where I kinda need to find something to be inspired by. Hopefully, like a moth, I’ll be drawn to something cool?

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gutsybird asked: You wouldn't happen to have drawn that towergirls thing, would you?

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~ Friday, April 4 ~

king-radical asked: Whattt you did the spriteworking for CoC?? Small internet haha

Yeah! Back then the game had a relatively small or at least inactive fanbase compared to now, so being an artist interested in creating content opened a lot of opportunities related to all that stuff.

It was great seeing how enthusiastic people were about it, but truth be told I can’t stand to look at my art or my writing in both games, haha. When I used to play I’d always turn it off, way too distracting.

But! I was so glad to see people making their own sprites and attempting the style for themselves. It’s a terrible way to sprite and I don’t recommend it, and I also saw someone trying to sell ‘CoC-styled sprites’ once, but seeing how enthusiastic people were about these characters and their own was a fun experience.

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~ Thursday, April 3 ~

Anonymous asked: So, I've played CoC like years back. Followed you because of your arts, not knowing that you were the sprite maker(?) of the game, and just discovered this. It was like angels singing.

Haha, thanks! I made the sprites for the game, yeah. I also wrote a bunch of stuff and contributed art to TiTS a few months back! Even so, looking at them now can be pretty embarassing, aha.

I’m not working on anything big at the moment, but I hope that I can get back to that level of productivity in the future. Thanks again!

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~ Tuesday, April 1 ~
so like if its april fools day does that mean that australia is just normal for 24 hours

the snakes promise they’ll be less poisonous for an hour and you have to guess which hour it is

the fun part is when the legless lizards join in

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april fools!

april fools!

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