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~ Wednesday, July 4 ~

luzerna replied to your post: jiminiminy replied to your post: i told my…

well i am definitely not actually 12 corgis in a trenchcoat, however everyone else except biscuits (who is definitely not 8 corgis and a beagle) is still suspect

i think i found a picture of biscuits online please confirm

i will admit that on the off chance that i happen to be six boomerangs and a koala i will not be able to control myself around biscuits

this is a true and honest fact

i also have a picture of tumbler user “luzerna” eating tumbler user “askalprime”

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  1. whaoanon said: those are cookies
  2. vwcarmats said: that’s not biscuits that’s a plate of cookies
  3. luzerna said: how did you get that picture
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