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~ Wednesday, July 18 ~

Anonymous said: what's the worst thing in coc, in your opinion


there are these incredibly gross worms that you encounter in the mountains that invade your dick and give you the ability to shoot worms from your dick except it’s less hilarious and more sexual so it gives me the heeby jeebies

the worst written thing might be jasun the cube-shark you find in the gym, which is literally a 6x5 block of muscle that ran away (to the desert?? how the fuck) to avoid having sex with the sharkgirls, but decides he wants to bang you up

the weirdest thing is the rat-prostitute that makes you stick your dick into portals to have sex with her if your penis is like the size of a pool toy

i can’t remember anything else off the top of my head but these are pretty bad even for me

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  1. luzerna said: wait wait wait, the cube shark is literally a cube? a cube with beefy limbs and a shark head???? i thought it just meant that he was a musclehead not that he was rectangular
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